Social Media: From “Because it’s Cool” to “An Important Communications Tool”

When MySpace first came out when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I lied about my age just so I could join. It was something all the cool kids did: posting pictures, taking random surveys, adding friends to your top 8. Since then, I have grown in my appreciation and understanding of all the different social media platforms and learned to use them effectively and as a way to personally brand myself.

Courtesy of Forbes

Social media has benefitted me greatly since I first started using it almost ten years ago. I now use a variety of platforms for different personal and professional uses such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and more. I have had a Facebook and Twitter for some time now, but have just recently begun understanding their impacts on my future as a professional.

Different social media platforms can be used to reach different groups of people, whether they be professionals, friends and family or people who share the same interests. The uses of different social media platforms can have an impact on my future because they show my personality, create a personal brand for myself as a professional and share content and my interests with others.

Social Media humanizes brands and connects us to customers through personal and two way communication. Courtesy of Social Media Training School.

After using a variety of platforms, I now see the great value of social media for the marketer and customer relationship. Social media helps companies to humanize their brands. Through Facebook and Twitter, brands can engage directly with customers through customer service initiatives and help and answer the needs of consumers. Through Foursquare and Groupon, companies can attract new customers though special promotions and deals with checkins and coupons purchases.

Social Media has become a huge part of my professional and academic life, and new platforms, updates and content happen all time. Because of the growing environment, I can always learn something new about social media everyday.

Add me on social media! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare.


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